How to purchase prescription glasses online safely

It was unheard of to purchase prescription glasses online up until a few years ago. Now more and more individuals are realizing the benefits of purchasing prescription glasses via the internet. However, it is vital that any person who wants to buy their glasses through this means exercises caution and makes sure that they only purchase from reputable companies. Below are some tips on how to do so safely:

Get a prescription


The first step you should take when buying prescription glasses online is to go to your optician and acquire an up to date prescription. In the United Kingdom, opticians are legally required to give you a copy of your prescription when asked to do so. A lot of high street opticians will provide free eye test in the hope that you will buy your glasses from them. However, you are under no obligation to do so. After getting a copy of your prescription, you have the liberty of enjoying the massive savings that are available online.

Head over to your chosen internet optician

A lot of online opticians operate similarly, so the first thing you should do is to choose the pair of frames that you would desire to turn into your prescription glasses. Normally, the website should be divided into categories, and it should also have a search box. You should have fun at this stage and ensure that you are in no kind of pressure or rush. Ensure that you take your time and browse through the frames that are available. A lot of sites will even give you the opportunity to try the frames on at home before purchasing them, and in most instances, all you have to pay for is the postage. They send you the frames you are interested in, you try them and then send them back.

Select your lens options

dfgcfgcfgxfgxgfcAfter you are done with selecting the frames you would like to purchase, the next thing to do is to enter your prescription and choose your lens options. A lot of sites will provide you with a form into which you can enter the powers and various values that appear on your prescription. Additionally, they also provide a phone number that is easily available in case someone wants to seek for some assistance. The lens options can be selected according to a person’s choice, and you should choose those options that are suitable for you when it comes to prescription glasses.


How to safely order drugs online

Foreign drug stores, especially Indian or Canadian ones, are economical suppliers of prescription medicines. Individuals who shop online not only get to save money but they also spend less time purchasing their drugs from the internet. To make sure that you buy the drugs in a safe manner, below are some tips every online customer should stick to:

How much to order


A bulk stock of drugs from foreign countries are unauthorized by many countries across the world. To evade any trouble, ensure that you limit your purchase to a stock that lasts for three months. Any stock that is larger can be seized by customs and you might face legal charges.


Generic drugs

Generic drugs are cheaper options as opposed to their established brand name counterparts. These drugs work just as good as brand-name drugs. The only difference is cost. Customers also have the advantage of more choices with generic drugs because brand-name drugs are copyright patented.


Always make sure that the pharmacy has a state or country certification. It should also have approval from your country’s or state’s food and drug administration. The site must also advertise a licensed pharmacist who is tasked with clarifying medical questions. Additionally, make sure that there are no extra costs to spend on. These costs include an account set up fee or consultation fees.

Confidentiality guarantee

The website should offer a guarantee that the details you send are kept private. The information includes your medical condition, prescribed medicine or payment specifics. The confidentiality policy must state that it does not sell information to third parties and that the terms and conditions are easy to understand.

Shipping costs

Though a lot of websites advertise cheap shipping costs, it is better to choose those sites with higher but justifiable shipment costs. A higher rate assures the client that the drugs will be delivered in excellent condition and at the right time. It is also advisable to look out for pharmacies with reduced shipping rates or those that send bulk orders without including any additional charges.

Noting your medicine

Before you order your drugs online, ensure that you know your prescription drug’s active chemical. The active chemical’s name is the generic name of the drug. This name enables you to seek cheaper options for your prescription.

How to order

ftfghcgfcghcghcgfPurchasing drugs online is meaningless if you order from a rip off website. Make sure that you check out pharmacy review sites to ascertain which are the best. These sites contain evaluation criterias that indicate which online pharmacies provide reliable services and safe products.